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Pension Sazava


1/ PROJECT PLAN:  operation of residential care home

The objective of this project is to built facilites for the Residential care home in the southern slope of a forested ridge above a first class road No. 19 from Zdar nad Sazavou to Pribyslav. The area is part of the protected landscape area of Zdarske vrchy. The basic building of the Hotel Sazava will be completely renovated into a modern apartment pension with a high standard of services, including efficient gastronomy, wellness, fitness, rehabilitation, as well as recreatonal and other sociocultural functions. The building will retain its capacity, including all traffic roads and other utility areas. Another part of the former recreation area are separate cottages with partial civic amenities and sanitary facilities. These separate cottages will be replaced with twenty new semi-detached houses for individual housing. Furthemore, park areas, children's playgrounds, pedestrian zone - planted alley with benches, a gazebo, with a wayside cross, pétanque with shelter, fountain, and mountain stream flowing through stones. A public fountain with a modern frame bell tower, as a part of ecumenical community centre - a chapel, will be located in the middle, in the centre of the alley grounds. It will be a small modern architecture in the style of village chapels in a village square. A small sheltered semicircular stage - an amphitheatre - facing a stepped ground auditorium will be situated in this space, where cultural events may take place in summer. In addition, a tennis court (volleyball, football field) will be built.

2/ Due to the location of the facility in a quiet zone, the aim of this project is the greatest possible active participation of the residents from the residential care home in activities in favour of their own homes and the area of the object, as well as for the benefit of their own mental and physical health. Everyone will be given the opportunity, according to their capabilities and skills and their current state of health, to participate in the garden and park landscaping activities, upkeeping and caring for flowers and woody plants, or in the handcraft in the workshop or in the art studio. Considering also cultural and social life of the residents, regular participation in cultural events and theatre performances is envisaged. These activities tend to create not only a dignified environment for the life of the elderly, but also to fill their lives with many interesting activities, accessible for the seniors. 

3/ Other objectives of the project:

  • increase of leisure time activities in the municipality
  • improvement of business environment in the region thanks to increase in purchasing power of residents

Contribution to the target group:

Integration of the seniors in the active life not only in the facilities grounds and in the municipality, but also securing awareness of social need and dignified and active way of spending their free time.

Current situation:

Prior to the implementation of the project plan, the project of Recreation centre Sazava was derelict, empty, and unused. Currently, the municipality and the region have a high unemployment rate, it is necessary to commute to work in other municipalities or towns.

Due to increase in average life expectancy in the Czech Republic and the Highlands Region, there is currently an ongoing shortage of care places in residential care homes and homes for the elderly.

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